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Our Mission

When Shane Vitaly Foran began producing the first Vitaly accessories in 2012, he didn’t anticipate that the brand would ever grow large enough to have a significant environmental impact. But as the company continues to grow, it has become apparent that our manufacturing, packaging, and shipping choices can actually have an impact on the world.

In light of this realization, Vitaly now operates using a strict mandate to consider the environment at every stage of product development.

One of the most significant steps in this process has been producing Vitaly’s core clothing collection in Portugal, using sustainable manufacturing practices and working exclusively with internationally-certified dye-houses and fabric mills.

In fact, all of our tees, sweaters and long sleeves are now dyed in a facility with such a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility that they have built an enormous water filtration centre outside their factory. All water used on the premises is filtered and re- enters the local water supply cleaner than when it started.

As always, Vitaly accessories will continue to be made from stainless steel — a metal that is made from up to 85% recycled material. With a lifespan of three decades, stainless steel production is incredibly durable and sustainable — a fact that has led us to offer lifetime warranties on all of our accessories.

Our new mandate has also encouraged us to change our jewelry packaging and clothing tags to recycled materials, using FSC-certified paper wherever possible.

Another huge change is that we now prioritize shipping by boat, as opposed to air freight, which conserves enormous amounts of energy and greatly lowers carbon emissions associated with international shipments.

And while we are committed to reducing our environmental impact at as many touch points as possible, our main focus will continue to be offering high-quality goods that last. Because the most sustainable thing we can do is produce items that you’ll be happy to wear for longer than just one season.

Despite all of these changes we’ve already made, we know that this is an on-going process. We have only scratched the surface, so please keep checking back as we continue to update this page with our progress towards improvement.

Have old Vitaly products you don’t wear or need anymore?

Our Karma Program allows you to bring used items back to Vitaly retail locations and receive 15% off your next purchase.

All items that are still in wearable condition will be donated to youth shelters throughout the GTA. Items that can no longer be worn will be sent to fabric mills, where they can be recycled into other types of textiles, such as carpets.

Please note that the Karma Program is an in-store initiative only, and we are unable to receive worn items at our fulfillment centers.