To keep your Vitaly pieces looking as fresh as possible, please follow these simple suggestions:

 -  Don’t put it through the washing machine or jump in a pool with it. Avoid getting it wet, basically.
     -  Avoid showering or washing your hands with your jewelry on. Soap can be corrosive.
     -  Avoid grinding your jewelry on hard surfaces. You may scratch the plating.
     -  Your Vitaly Ring is not brass knuckles, do not punch anything or anyone with it or you could damage your hand or the ring
     -  Do not let your jewelry come in contact with any harsh chemicals. 
     -  Buy a bottle opener from a dollar store – don’t use your ring (you might be surprised how many people do this). 

    Vitaly clothing items have individual care instructions printed on the inside label.
    Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns (or just to say hi) at