Rico Nasty x Vitaly

Introducing our official collaboration with superstar Rico Nasty — a three piece collection that lives up to her eclectic aesthetic and ferocious flow. Bubblegum sweet mixed with just enough vitriol and tongue-in-cheek provocation.

"I was inspired by the duality of hard and soft. This collab with Vitaly means the world to me because they gave me creative freedom and allowed me to make what I wanted. This capsule is all about being multi-faceted, beautiful, and hardcore."
Rico Nasty


Rico Nasty x Vitaly 2

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 3

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 4

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 5

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 6

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 7

Rico Nasty x Vitaly 8


Creative Direction: Rico Nasty + Zack Vitiello
Photography + Shoot CD: Jamie-Lee B
Stylist: Lindsey Hartman
Hair Stylist: Tyla Thomas
MUA: Melissa Hurkman
Photography Assist: Maxine Alo
Lighting Tech: Ash Alexander
Lighting Tech Assist: Hunter Pao
Campaign Film: Zack Vitiello Primera Ng + Maxine Alo 
Campaign Film Editor: Rayul 
Art Direction: Primera Ng
Production: Scott Mc Donald 
Collaboration Lead: Marc Alisa-Costales + Leah Hodgkiss