Studies in Density // Hong Kong

In working with Vitaly, I have been fortunate enough to take multiple trips to Hong Kong, both for photoshoots and manufacturing opportunities.

My father is an architect and my mother is an interior designer, so it's not surprising that I've always been captivated by the unique ways in which different cultures construct their buildings. The architecture of Hong Kong has had an indelible impact on me — I'm captivated by the sheer density and scale of the city, as well as the glaring disparity between crumbling tenements and gleaming modernization.

When traveling with Shane (our lead designer and founder), we take inspiration from the architectural forms we find in new cities. Without fail, this inspiration trickles down into our product design and the accompanying photography. So, as a brand, we owe a lot to Hong Kong, as we have been heavily influenced by the shape the city. I took these photos over four separate trips to HK — they are as much a love-letter as they are a study in density.

— Zack Vitiello, Creative Director

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